How do I re-set my monitoring station passcode?

Your monitoring station passcode is the passcode you verbally provide to Wave monitoring when you receive a call about an alarm event at your home.  Whether you forgot it, or want to change it for some other reason, you can update your monitoring station passcode in the Smart Home App or in the online portal.  We recommend you choose something that is easy to say, and easy to remember. 


After login, select “Settings” in the left-hand navigation bar, then select “Monitoring Station” from the list of settings options.


In the Monitoring Station section, update the Passcode section and then click the blue “update” button to save.  While you’re on the page, ensure that contact information is correct.  The location phone number would be a landline if you have one, otherwise use your mobile phone number.  Emergency contacts are the additional numbers that will be called if you cannot be reached at the Location Phone number.