How do I add a new notification?

To add a new notification:

1. Log into the Smart Home customer portal from a web browser. Click here for the login screen.

2. Select “Notifications” on the left-hand navigation bar


3. Click the blue “+ New Notification” button in the top right corner. A new notification assistant will pop out.


4. Click on a category in the left-hand column and view suggested notifications on the right. Select the notification that best describes the notification you’re hoping to create.

5. The assistant will guide you to select the timing and rules for your notification.

6. At the bottom of the page, select the grey “+ Recipient” button to select the email, phone number (text) or phone (push notification) where you want the notification to be sent.


7. When you’re done, click the blue “Save” button at the bottom of the screen to complete the set up.