How can I prevent false alarms?

Following are three tips for preventing false alarms:

Tip 1: Make sure you know your security code for your panel, and passcode for the monitoring station.  The security code is a four-digit number that you set for each User and enter in the panel to disarm.  The passcode is a word you provide verbally if you receive a phone call from Wave monitoring to confirm or cancel dispatch of emergency services.

Here are instructions for how to re-set your security code and your monitoring station passcode.

Tip 2: Make sure your family and visitors have a security code (and they remember it!).  You can easily set and manage custom security codes for multiple users from the online portal and Smart Home App.  If they don’t use it regularly, we recommend you remind them before a planned visit.

Tip 3: Keep your smart phone handy.  In an alarm event, you can cancel the alarm from your phone.  Here’s how.