Is it possible to receive a Notice for material that I did not download, but legitimately purchased?

The most likely cause of this would be that the file-sharing application on your computer scanned your entire hard drive and is making available music, software or movie files other than those in the shared folder of the file-sharing application.

This is a violation of copyright holders’ rights and you must take steps to stop it.

Uninstalling the file-sharing application is the best way to stop your files from being made available to others on the Internet.

A few popular file-sharing programs you may find on your system are:

  • eDonkey2000
  • eMule
  • BearShare
  • FastTrack
  • Overnet
  • WinMX
  • Ares
  • DC++
  • Shareaza
  • Soulseek
  • KaZaA
  • Morpheus
  • Gnutella
  • Azureus
  • BitTornado
  • BT++
  • BitComet
  • Vuze
  • µTorrent
  • BitLord

You are responsible for what your PC is doing and what network it is sharing with - so these are our recommendations:

  • Determine whether any computer in your home has file-sharing software installed on it.
  • Uninstall the file-sharing software, unless you need it for a legal purpose.
  • If you continue to use a file-sharing program, turn off file sharing so that others don’t have access to your computer.
  • Do not download files you know or suspect to be copyrighted material except from reputable sources, authorized for distribution by the copyright holders. In general - if it was professionally created within the last 75 years, then it most likely is copyrighted.