Will my phone work if the power goes out?

 During a power outage 

Wave Home Phone service relies on a telephony modem to work, and that modem requires power to operate. If you lose power in your home, then your phone service requires a backup power source to function, including to call 911.

Currently, Wave will provide an 8-hour internal back-up battery for Wave-supplied telephone equipment at no charge upon request from the customer.

A 24-hour back-up battery is also available for purchase from Wave. Wave supplied batteries are rated to provide 8 – 12 or [24] hour of standby time when new, respectively.

This policy may be subject to change at a future date, in which case you will be notified. To request a backup battery or replacement, please call Wave at 1-866-928-3123.

Active use of the phone line during an outage will reduce the amount of standby time provided by the battery. Standby time may also be reduced in cold temperature conditions and as the battery ages. The backup battery should be kept installed in your phone equipment (e.g., in the modem). 

You can test the battery by unplugging your modem – if the lights on the modem stay on, the battery is working. If the battery light is out, your battery may be missing, depleted, or not correctly installed. You should check the battery at least annually for any signs of deterioration or leakage. If you have concerns about the age or functionality of your backup battery, we offer free battery checks, up to once a year.

If you have your own backup power supply, such as a generator or an external UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply), then you can use this power source to run your telephony modem during an outage.  External UPS systems should be rated at 300 Watts or higher in order to provide 8 hours of standby time.  These systems are commonly available through electronics and office supply retailers, whose websites provide additional information on capacity and prices.  Additional information about how to use alternative third-party equipment to provide backup power for your Home Phone service is available by calling Wave.

If you have a home alarm, emergency alert system, or other devices that use your landline phone, such as Life Alert, those systems will not work if your Home Phone service is not working.  Also, cordless phones (which plug into an electrical outlet) may not work during a power outage. We recommend having at least one telephone receiver in your home that does not require an external power source, or that you make sure you have a battery backup, or secondary power source, for your telephone receiver as well. You may also want to have an alternative methods of communication, such as a cellular phone, available for emergency situations.

Even with a backup power source, Wave Phone Service and access to 911 may still be unavailable due to other circumstances such as downed poles/wires, network congestion, or outages affecting equipment in the Wave network. Wave is not liable for any Phone Service outage or inability to dial 911/E911.


Call us at 1-866-928-3123 if you have any questions.