Help, My Service Is Out!

Before You Call…

If your Internet, TV or phone service is out, we've provided steps below that you can take that may solve the issue.

1. Confirm you have power

It sounds obvious, but if your home doesn’t have power your internet and TV service won’t work.

So make sure that the power is on in the room where your modem, router, and cable equipment is located.

If the power’s out contact your utility company to report the outage.

If your power is on, but one or more services don’t work…

Many connectivity issues can be fixed by resetting your modem and router. This is a great first step any time you have a service hiccup.

2. Reset Your Modem

Your modem is the main device that connects all of your Wave services to your house.

  1. Find your modem. Your modem will be the only box that is directly connected to the wall via a coaxial cable and is NOT connected to a TV, in addition to the power cable.
  2. Unplug the modem from the electric outlet on the wall
  3. Verify that all of the lights on the modem turn off.
    If lights stay on…
    a. Ensure you actually disconnected power to the modem and not another device
    b. If the modem is indeed unplugged and the lights stay on, it means your modem has an internal battery.  Most modems with batteries have a “reset” button – find it and press it. The reset button is recessed and will need to be pressed with a paperclip or similar tool.
    c. If you don’t see a reset button, you’ll need to remove the battery which is usually behind a latch on the side or on the bottom of the modem.
    Once the lights on the modem are off, proceed to the next step.
  4. Unscrew the coaxial cable from the back of the modem. It’s not an Ethernet cable that has a clip on the end. The coaxial cable will be the only cord with a metal tip and the other end will usually be connected to a wall outlet.
  5. Wait 30 seconds
  6. Attach the coaxial cord into the back of the modem and ensure the connection is snug
  7. If you removed the battery, reinstall it
  8. Plug the power cord back into the modem
  9. Wait three minutes

If your services aren’t restored, continue to the next step.

3. Reset Your Router

Your router is used to let multiple devices in your home share your internet connection. In some cases, you may not have a router, but if you do, now is the time to cycle its power.

  1. Unplug your router from the electrical outlet on the wall.
  2. Verify that the lights on the router all turn off.
  3. Wait 10 seconds and then plug the router back into the wall.
  4. Wait one minute

If your internet service isn’t working, it’s time to give us a call. Don’t be surprised if we have you go through these power cycle steps again—we can see important information on your end as your system is being reset.

If your internet is working but your TV service is out, continue to the next step.

4. Reset Your TV Equipment

Wave offers a variety of devices that get connected between our cable and your TV, ranging from simple digital receivers to equipment that lets you record your favorite shows or even stream content from the Internet.

You may have a piece of equipment hooked up to each of your TV sets in your home, and in some cases you will have a main device (called a server) that empowers your other TVs.

You will want to cycle the power on all of your TV devices.

  1. Unplug your TV equipment (DVR, TiVo, digital receiver, etc) from the electric outlet on the wall.
  2. Confirm that any lights on the device(s) are turned off.
    If you have equipment on other TVs, unplug those as well.
  3. Wait 10 seconds
  4. Plug the equipment back in
  5. Turn on the TV
  6. Wait two to five minutes (depending on your equipment)

If your TV service isn’t restored, continue to the next step.

5. Check the TV Input Setting

After a power outage, your TV may forget where to look for the signal coming from our equipment.

For example, if you use an HDMI cable and your TV has multiple places where you could plug in that connector, you need to be sure the TV is looking at the right input source.

If you are confused already, give us a call and we’ll walk you through what to do. Otherwise, continue reading …

  1. Be sure your Wave device is turned on (you should see some kind of light on the front face)
  2. Cycle through the various Input options on your TV

If you have questions about how to change your TV input, please refer to the user guide that came with your TV. Most TVs have simple Input button located on their side or bottom front.

  1. Give a couple of seconds between switching Input sources to give your TV a chance to tune into the device

6. Call to Reset Your Equipment

You can call us and reboot your internet equipment without having to speak with tech support. Just call 1-866-928-3123 and follow the instructions below.

  1. If you are a current customer press 1
    • Enter your phone number followed by #
    • Enter your ZIP code
  2. To reach technical support press 1
    • To reset your equipment press 1
    • To reboot your modem or MTA  press 2

Still not working? Call us!

If these steps didn’t fix your issues, please call us at 1-866-928-3123, or submit a technical support request online.  

We understand that it can be frustrating to be asked to repeat some of the steps above again; however it helps us eliminate the simple possibilities before bringing in the technicians. The support representative will monitor your connection on our end to help troubleshoot what might be causing the problem.