What do I do when a tree has knocked down my line?

For many of our customers, winter brings stormy weather that can knock down limbs or trees and sometimes affect wires and service. Here’s what you need to know:

A tree/limb fell down and knocked out my cable/Internet! Help!

We’re definitely experts at Internet and cable, but we’re rather underdeveloped as arborists and tree removers. You’ll need to address the debris with a tree removal service, arborist, or whomever you choose. Once the tree or limb is cleared, call us and we’ll swoop in and fix our lines to get your service up and running.

The tree/limb fell but it’s not on my property/it’s in a common area.

You’ll need to work with your landlord, HOA, or local jurisdiction if the debris isn’t on your property. They’ll be able to help you get it removed quickly. Again, once the blockage is cleared we’ll step in and repair any damage to resume your regularly-scheduled awesome service.

The tree/limb fell and knocked out my cable/Internet AND my power!

STAY AWAY AND CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY if you discover a downed power line. Downed power lines are super dangerous, and we won’t be able to do anything until your power company resolves the line issue anyway.

If the power line is NOT down, but your power’s still out, call your local power company and report the outage. They’ll need to resolve any issues with your electricity before we can fix your Internet or cable service. Once they’ve cleared the lines and restored power, give us a call and we’ll fix any interruption to your service.