Two-Digit Speed Dial (*75)

Store up to thirty unique numbers for convenience and speed. To dial a saved speed-dial number, just press the appropriate two-digit number followed by the pound (#) key. Adding a new number on speed dial automatically replaces the previously saved number.

  1. Pick up the line and listen for the dial tone.
  2. Dial *75 and listen for a second dial tone.
  3. Enter a one-digit or two-digit code from 1 to 30, followed by the local or long-distance number you want to store exactly how you would need to dial it to make the call and then press the # button to store it.
  4. Listen for two beeps or a recording to confirm the number is stored and hang up.

Note: To remove a speed dial number entirely simply dial *75, enter the one-digit or two-digit code you wish to remove and then press # again.