Follow Me Feature

To manage Follow Me, click on Follow Me under the Call Manager tab. Begin by adding a rule to the Follow Me list by clicking on the Add Rule button. You may also activate the feature from this view, which is necessary to test your configuration.

When you configure your rules, you may choose a forwarding destination OR you may enter a telephone number. Choose “other” from the pull down box to enter a telephone number.

Tip: Twenty seconds is the recommended setting, which allows enough time for most telephones to ring before being forward to voicemail. If your test call terminates to voicemail in the middle of your rule list, trying adjusting the number of ring destination seconds lower until the call is permitted to forward to the next telephone number on the rule list.

After you’ve added all of your rules, verify that they are in the desired order. They will ring sequentially from top to bottom. If you would like all of them to ring simultaneously, click the check box under settings.

You can move each rule up or down in the ringing sequence by clicking the up/down arrow next to the rule: