Installing Amazon Prime*

  1. From the home screen navigate to the Amazon instant video icon
  2. Press ok to enter the application
  3. Navigate to the content you wish to view (movies or TV)
  4. Press ok to enter the selected section
  5. Select the program you wish to view
  6. Press ok to see the details page. From here you can buy and rent content and also get more information on the content
  7. Highlight buy/rent
  8. Press ok to buy or rent the content
  9. Follow the instructions on the TV screen to link your Roku box to your Amazon account. (Go to Follow the directions to register your account and enter the code shown on the screen.)
  10. After registering your account press ok to purchase the content
  11. Enter your 5-digit Amazon pin purchase code. This is the code that was created when the Roku box was registered with Amazon.
  12. Your selection will begin to stream automatically.

*You will need to have a paid Amazon Prime membership to get the unlimited access to the TV and movie content. For more info go