Roku Installation Prerequisites

  • You must have valid credit card for Roku Authorization. This card will only be charged if you authorize purchases of apps and games from the Roku Channel Store.
  • A computer that is connected to the internet, to authorize the account. You’ll be prompted during setup to create your Roku account online at, and your player will generate a unique code that links your player to your new account.
  • Internet service is required (18 Mbps service is recommended)
  • If your modem is already wired to computer, a router will be necessary to make a second Ethernet connection for wired service
  • If a wireless connection is desired a wireless router is required, and must be close enough to your television location to provide good signal strength

For HD service:

  • HD television with an open HDMI port is required

For SD service:

  • Must have open video port on television

For Surround sound:

  • Surround sound receiver with open input and output HDMI ports