Why charge data transfer fees for use beyond the included data transfer amount?

When a network’s usage is unbalanced, such as when a small percentage of the people on the network use a large percentage of the network’s bandwidth, then it takes additional resources to manage that network and to make sure that all users on the network can access the internet according to their service level.

We believe that a fair solution is to have those heavy users contribute more towards the management resources required to accommodate their additional network use. Therefore, we have set a monthly data transfer amount that is included with each internet service level, and reasonable fees for additional data transfer usage beyond those levels.

100 GB of data transfer usage is included with all levels of internet service at no additional charge. High Speed 55 and above also include an additional 200 GB of usage, for a total of 300 GB. Power User 110, where available, includes 1 TB of usage. If you exceed the included data transfer amount within the calendar month, then you will be charged an additional data transfer fee.

The fee is $5 for the first 1-25 GB over the usage amount included with your service level, and $5 more for each additional 1-25 GB over that.