Data Transfer Activity

All activity online is about transferring data. A web page is in essence a file, and when you visit a web page you are downloading that file, and everything included on the page, such as the pictures. You may also send/receive email, download files from the web, stream video, play games, or upload files.

Transferring data uses up network bandwidth, the same network bandwidth that all users in your area utilize to access the internet.

So if one user in your area utilizes 1000 times the bandwidth that everyone else does, any change this causes in network performance will affect all users on that network.

When a network’s usage is unbalanced, such as when a small percentage of the people on the network use a large percentage of the network’s bandwidth, then it takes additional resources to manage that network and to make sure that all users on the network can access the internet according to their service level.

That’s why we actively manage our networks, and continuously expand to add even more resources when needed.

By allocating bandwidth to each internet service account, and assessing a nominal fee for usage beyond that amount, we can optimize our resources accordingly.