Setting Up and Using the Address Book

  1. Select the “Compose” button
  2. In the main section of the screen, click on the small icon that looks like a book. In the default “preferred skin”, this will be on the right side of the page.

  3. The filter field can be used to search through the address book and only display entries that contain specific words or names. Once you have entered the filter parameters, click on the button that looks like a gear to start the search.
  4. Below this is the field where you can manually add addresses to the address book. This field reads: “Real Name” <>by default.
    If you wish to add an address, be sure to keep the brackets (< >) around the email address, or it will not be accepted. After typing in the new information, click the icon with the plus (+) on it just to the right of this field to add it to the address book.
  5. Underneath the new address field is the space where all the addresses in the address book are listed. To add an address from the list to the email being composed, click the address and then the “To” button on the right.
    The “CC” and “BCC” buttons are for carbon copying and blind carbon copying, and are used in the same way as the “To” button. The icon with a red “X” will delete the selected entry from the address book.