How Do I Make International Calls?

International calls can be confusing for the first time, so Wave has removed some of the confusion for you when dialing. This information can help you get connect international calls properly.

To make an international call, you will need to start with the country code for the United States which is 011. Then, you dial the code for the country you are calling. Finally, you enter the phone number you're trying to call.

So, for example, let’s say you are calling someone in Costa Rica. The country code for Costa Rica is 506 so the dialing sequence would start as:


Here is the breakdown:

011 - Start with the international access code for dialing numbers outside the United States. International calls from the United States will always start with 011.
XXX- Next, dial the the country code for the country you're calling. Click here to find a complete list of country codes. In this sample, 506 is the code for calling Costa Rica but you would replace that with the country code you're trying to reach.
XXX...X - Last step is to enter the phone number you're trying to call, including area code.

To get a list of international calling rates, please visit this link:

To get a complete link of country codes, please visit this link: