How do I connect my internet home network?

Home Network allows you to stream media from any server in your home, such as your computer, to your Wave All-In-One Home Network Gateway. Because the Gateway Server is DLNA-based, it is completely plug and play; if your computer is connected to your home network and has a DLNA server, you should automatically see that computer listed in the Home Network category of the main menu.

To make sure that Home Network will function properly, make sure that:

  • Your computer is set up to share content according to your server’s instructions.
  • Your server software is not blocked by a Firewall.

Although any DLNA server will work with Home Networking, the following DLNA servers have been fully tested with your Wave All-In-One Home Network Gateway:

  • Windows Media Player
  • TVersity Media Server
  • Windows Media Connect
  • Twonky Media Manager
  • Media Mall PlayOn