What can I do from the Main Menu?

Gateway FAQs
TIME: With the current time, you’ll know when your show begins.

CURRENT CHANNEL: Displays the channel that is playing in Mini TV. If the program is recorded, an icon will display the current status (i.e. play or pause).

MINI TV: Lets you keep watching your program while you browse.

FOCUS: The current selection is in the focus area of the menu. When cards are in focus, they appear raised and highlighted.

VERTICAL LIST: Contains all of the items in the current horizontal category.

INFO PANEL: Depending on the item in focus, this area either provides more information about that item or a selection of choices for that item.

CARD: Items in vertical lists are called cards.

CATEGORY: Items in the horizontal band are called categories. When a category is in focus, the name of the category appears in the top of the focus area.