My Parental Controls are not working.

Note: The Parental Controls PIN is set on each TiVo device independently, so the PIN on your TiVo Mini* can be different from the PIN on your TiVo DVR.

For Parental Controls to work, they must be on (not temporarily turned off). When you enter your password to watch a show that violates Parental Controls, they are temporarily turned off. You can re-enable them on the Parental Controls screen (from the TiVo Central screen, select Settings & Messages, thenParental Controls), or by putting your TiVo DVR in Standby mode and then taking it out of Standby. (Put your TiVo DVR in Standby mode by selecting ‘Settings & Messages,’ then ‘Standby.’ To return to normal mode from Standby, press either the TiVo button or the LIVE TV button.)