I can't find my programs in a search even though I know it's on.

The TiVo DVR uses your Channel List to search for shows. Verify that the channel is selected in your Channel List. Does the channel have a check mark next to it? If not, highlight the channel and press the SELECT button. For more information, visit tivo.com/howto.

Look on the Network screen (from the TiVo Central screen, select Settings & Messages > Settings > Network for the time of the last successful connection to the TiVo Service). If it was more than 36 hours ago, your TiVo DVR may be having trouble connecting to the TiVo Service. Select ‘View network diagnostics > Test Connection to test the current settings. If the test connection does not succeed, see “General network troubleshooting tips” atsupport.tivo.com for connection troubleshooting. Once you have made a successful test connection, start a regular connection by selecting ‘Connect To The TiVo Service Now.’ If your connection is successful, new program information will be downloaded and organized, and will become available to search in about one to five hours.