How do I record programs? How do I stop a recording?

You can always record the show you’re watching—just press the RECORDbutton while watching any tuner. Then select Record this showing > Season Pass & other options or Explore this show for more choices.

On the TiVo DVR, up to 30 minutes of the current channel’s broadcast is always being saved, even when you’re not recording. When you change channels, the TiVo DVR clears the saved portion and starts saving again on the new channel. So, if the saved portion is important to you, either record the program or switch tuners instead of changing the channel.

To record the saved portion in addition to the rest of the program, chooseRecord this showing.

You can stop recording in either of two ways: press the RECORD button in live TV, then choose Stop the current recording. Or, from the My Shows list, chose a title that’s currently recording, then choose Modify recording then chooseStop recording.