What is TV On Demand / Pay-Per-View TV?

TV On Demand is a digital cable television service that allows you to choose a video from our program library and watch it when you want. TV On Demand has interactive functionality that allows you to use your remote to view videos instantly on your TV, and use features like Pause, Rewind, Fast-Forward, Stop, and Play.

With Wave’s TV On Demand service, you get instant access to the program you want to watch, when you want to watch it. No waiting for downloads required, unlike satellite. Wave’s TV On Demand has a library of free TV shows and movies, Movies On Demand available for as low as $2.99 each, and Premium On Demand channels.

  • FREE TV On Demand includes shows and bonus content from your favorite cable channels.
  • Movies On Demand features a variety of new releases, library classics, double features and adult programming.
  • Premium Channels On Demand allows you to view your favorite shows, movies and special events from the premium channels you subscribe to, like HBO On Demand, Showtime On Demand, STARZ On Demand, ENCORE On Demand, and more.
  • Subscription Channels On Demand gives you instant access to programming of interest, such as Disney Family Movies On Demand, here! On Demand, Karaoke On Demand, and more.

Wave’s TV On Demand is available with your choice of digital or HD equipment. Visit our Cable TV Equipment Choices page to find the equipment option that’s right for you.

NOTE: TV On Demand service are not available in all areas. View Product List for your area, or call 1-866-928-3123 for more information.