What if my email won't work when I am away from home?

When you are away from home and using the internet, it is very likely the network you are connected to is not through Wave. Due to this, the e-mail settings that you are using may not work, as our e-mail settings vary between on- and off-network sending. If you have issues sending e-mail when you are not at home, you have three options:

  1. If you are staying at a static place, (i.e. a hotel) you can ask them for their sending, or outgoing/SMTP settings and change your program settings to match.
  2. If roaming about, or not able to access the ISP's information, you can try the remote sending settings below.  They depend on the ISP allowing this type of connection, so are not guaranteed, but will usually work.
  3. Log into webmail and send from there. That is directly connected to our service and will have no trouble sending.

Remote sending settings:

  1. Access the Outgoing or SMTP settings for your email program.  The location for outgoing settings varies by program, and if you need assistance finding yours, you will need to contact the e-mail program's software manufacturer.
  2. Make sure that "SSL" is turned on, and set to "accept all certificates" (if your program offers that option)
  3. Make sure your authentication is turned on, and set to username/password.
  4. Use the same username and password as the incoming email server
  5. Change the Outgoing Port number to 465

Save your changes, and test it. If these settings fail, there may be an issue either with the internet provider whose network you are using at the time of travel, or with the program you are using for e-mail. You can try contacting either the internet provider you are using when traveling, or your e-mail program's manufacturer for further assistance. The one fool-proof option is to use webmail.

For any questions or further assistance, you can contact our 24/7 technical support line at 1-866-928-3123.