Three Way Calling

Bridge together two lines in addition to your own so that three separate individuals can speak on a single call.

  1. While on a call with one of the individuals you wish to conference with, press the receiver button (as though hanging up) for one second. You will get a dial tone and the other caller will be put on hold.
  2. Dial the number of the third party. When you get an answer, press the receiver button briefly again and all three parties will be connected. If the third party does not answer the phone, press the receiver button two times to cancel. You will still be connected to the first call.
  3. When either of the people you called hangs up, you remain connected to the other person. When you hang up, everyone is disconnected.

Note: Some phones have a “flash” or “link” button. Use this instead of the receiver button to change lines. While using three way calling, call waiting is unavailable.