What is the MyWave Account?

You can pay your bill online with your MyWave Account, our online bill-pay portal.

When registering to pay your statement online with the MyWave Account, you will need to have your most recent billing statement to fill out the needed 13-digit Account Number and 6-digit Account Pin.

UPDATE: August 19, 2019- Our new billing system is now available. You will soon be receiving a NEW BILL with your new 13-digit Account Number and 6-digit Account Pin, which will be located on the front of your new bill. You will use this to log in to your My Wave Account for the first time.

If you do not have a copy of your paper bill, a previous Wave email should have your account number for reference. We will use this information along with your preferred email address on file to verify who you are so that we can send you the security PIN which allows you to complete your MyWave registration. Once registered, you’ll be able to make one-time payments or set up automatic monthly payments directly from the checking account of your choice.

Since your MyWave Account provides access to personal information that is protected by the FCC we need to satisfy their regulations before we can generate or update the password for you. For any assistance with generating or resetting your Wave Online Bill Pay password, please call our 24/7 technical support line at 1-866-928-3123.