How can I improve my internet connection speed?

Most performance issues can be addressed simply by shutting down background internet programs and bypassing additional network equipment. In order to test your speed, Wave provides a speed test designed to test your connection within our network.

If you want to maximize both your connection's stability and speed, we highly recommend that you utilize a hard-wired connection by plugging your computer or other internet-enabled device directly into your modem or router.

Please note that wireless (wifi) connections are typically less stable and slower than a hard-wired connection. Your wireless experience may vary depending upon a number of factors, including your proximity to the router, interference from other devices, and physical barriers. While we can help you troubleshoot wireless issues and help you maximize your speed, we can not guarantee speeds over wifi.

Since many factors can affect your access to individual websites, we also cannot guarantee the same connection speed in every online interaction.

Speed variations are due to a variety of factors, including network traffic, the number of people conducting the test simultaneously, or any number of hardware and/or software capabilities or limitations of the computer, modem, or router. However, if you consistently receive poor performance, we can have a technician examine the connection in your home.

One final option to consider is upgrading to a higher speed package. We have a number of packages available, up to 1 Gig, depending on your area.