Installing Hulu Plus

  1. Navigate to the Hulu Plus icon
  2. Press ok on your Roku remote to enter Hulu Plus
  3. Select whether you are a current Hulu Plus subscriber
  4. If Yes see step 5, if No see step 11
  5. Select log in to Hulu Plus
  6. Enter your Hulu Plus email address
  7. Select next at the bottom of the screen
  8. Enter your password for your Hulu Plus account
  9. Select login at the bottom of the screen
  10. You will receive verification that your account has been successfully linked to your Roku and are now able to view your Hulu Plus account on your television
  11. You will be prompted to start a free trial of Hulu Plus. If you wish to continue select Yes.
  12. Follow the instructions on the screen. (On your computer go to start a free trial and then proceed with step 2 on the Roku box)
  13. Continue with the steps starting at step 5.