Motorola Surfboard

The Motorola Surfboard series cable modems all have five LED lights on the front indicating the network status. The lights indicate the following:

  • Power
    If the power light is blinking, your modem is not associated with your internet service. You will need to call our technical support department at 1-866-WAVE-123 (1-866-928-3123) to make sure your account is active and your modem is registered with our system.
  • Receive
    If the receive light is blinking, your modem is connecting to the network. If it continues to blink without turning solid, there is no connection to the internet. Check the cable line that screws into the back of the modem and make sure it is secure. If necessary, bypass any splitter and run the cable directly from the outlet to the modem.
  • Send
    If the send light is blinking, your modem has found a connection to the network and is establishing that connection. If the light continues to blink without turning solid, the signal is not stable enough for the modem to hold a connection. Check the cable line to the modem, and if necessary, bypass any splitter on the line.
  • Choose the IP Address tab. Verify that Obtain an IP address Automatically is bulleted.
  • Choose the Gateway tab. Make sure nothing is under Installed Gateways.
  • Online
    If the online light is blinking, your modem is securing a connection to the network that can be used to access the internet. Once the online light turns solid, the modem is connected.
  • Activity
    If the activity light is blinking or solid, your modem is connected to your computer, or your router if you are using one. The next step is to make sure your computer or home network is online.

In addition to these five lights, the Motorola Surfboard SB5100-series cable modem has an additional light:

  • Standby
    If the standby light is on, your modem is in standby mode. To come out of standby mode and resume a normal connection, press the standby button on top of the modem.
    Note: The standby button will not reset your modem’s connection to the internet.

If your modem is unable to get online, you will want to reset it. Remove the power cord from the back of the modem, and let it sit without power for at least 30 seconds. Then restore power to the modem and determine if it can get online. If the modem cannot connect to the internet, please call our technical support department at 1-866-WAVE-123 (1-866-928-3123) so we can determine if a service call is required.

If you have a router, you will want to disconnect power to the router while the modem is unplugged, and leave the router without power while the modem is getting connected to the internet. Once the power, receive, send and online lights are all solid, you can restore power to the router, and the activity light on the modem should turn on, either blinking or solid depending on your particular model of Surfboard modem.