How can I add an external hard drive to my device?

You can expand the amount of hard drive storage on your Gateway Server by connecting a DVR-certified eSATA external hard drive. When you first connect the external hard drive to the Gateway Server, you’ll see a dialog on all connected Gateway Clients indicating that the drive needs to be formatted.

You can choose to respond on any Gateway Client; formatting can take up to 30 minutes, and you will lose any existing content on the drive.

Before you physically disconnect an external hard drive, you must eject it using software. Although the external hard drive is connected only to the Gateway Server, you can eject any external hard drive using any Gateway Client.

To do this, go to the Settings category on the main menu and choose External Hard Drive. Choose disconnect and wait for notification that you may now disconnect the drive.

Setting Up Your External Hard Drive:
  1. Plug the eSATA connector into the eSATA port on the rear of the Gateway Server.
  2. Wait for the confirmation on all of your Gateway Clients that the Wave Gateway Server recognizes the external hard drive. You will receive this confirmation on all Gateway Clients and can respond on any that’s convenient.
  3. If this is the first time this hard drive has been connected to this system, or if the hard drive is not properly formatted for any reason, the system will ask if you want to reformat the external hard drive. Reformating deletes all data on the hard drive. Select yes to confirm the reformatting of the external hard drive.
  4. Once the external hard drive is recognized and properly formatted, the scheduler will include the additional space in scheduling decisions.
Disconnecting Your External Hard Drive:

Disconnecting an external hard drive while it is in use can result in corrupting stored data.

    1. Manually stop all recordings in progress by selecting the program card in the main menu, and then choosing stop recording.
    2. In the Settings category, select the External Hard Drive card.
    3. Select disconnect, then press OK.
    4. You may be presented with a message that the drive is still busy. If this happens, please repeat the disconnect process at a later time.