What do the Main Menu icons mean?

Gateway FAQs Channels: A vertical menu that lists all available channels
Gateway FAQs Search: Options to search for programs by titles, keyword, or category
Gateway FAQs Home Network: An easy way to enjoy media stored on your computer from the comfort of your TV
Gateway FAQs Games: A variety of classic games like Blackjack and Slot Machine
Gateway FAQs Messages: A place to receive messages about Wave services and updates
Gateway FAQs TV Music: A collection of TV music channels to match your taste and mood
Gateway FAQs Kids: Access all children’s programming in one consolidated list
Gateway FAQs Movies: A filter that displays all available movies, including live and recorded TV as well as TV On Demand
Gateway FAQs Favorites: A filter that lets you add your favorite TV, video, photo, and music content to one convenient place
Gateway FAQs Recorded TV: A list of all of the programs you’ve recorded
Gateway FAQs On Demand: Contains the TV On Demand library of all available titles
Gateway FAQs SuperTicker: The SuperTicker lets you stay on top of the latest news, sports scores, and stocks without missing your show
Gateway FAQs Settings: A category that allows you to customize your Home Network
Gateway FAQs Phone: A list of recent phone calls from your incoming lines
Gateway FAQs News: A filter that displays all of the 24-hour news channels and current news programming
Gateway FAQs Sports: A filter that displays all available sports content
Gateway FAQs HDTV: A filter that displays all of the high-definition content