How do I Pair My TiVo Remote to My DVR?

Follow the steps below to partner a TiVo remote with a DVR. This can be done while switching remotes or setting up a new remote with a DVR.

You can tell what state the remote control is in by looking at what color the activity indicator light (found on the TiVo character’s antenna) flashes when buttons are pressed. If it is red, that means the remote is not paired and is sending IR commands to the DVR. If it is amber, that means it is paired and sending RF commands.

  1. Make sure you are within three feet of a TiVo DVR that is powered on.
  2. Press and hold the TiVo and Back buttons together until the activity indicator lights up.
  3. When the TiVo remote is available for pairing, the activity indicator light will flash slowly.
  4. The remote will enter Allow Pairing mode and send pairing requests to the DVR for 30 seconds (indicated by a flashing amber activity light after every button press.)
  5. The remote control will pair with a DVR that is accepting pairing requests during that time. If successful, the activity indicator will flash quickly five times and then stop.
  6. If unsuccessful, the remote control will revert to its original paired or unpaired state.