What is the TiVo Central®

The TiVo Central screen is the starting point for just about everything you do with your TiVo DVR from Wave. From the TiVo Central screen, you can see a list of all the shows you’ve recorded, find new shows to watch, explore great Video On Demand choices, and more.

To get to the TiVo Central screen from live TV or any TiVo screen, just press theTiVo button at the top of your TiVo remote control.

From the central screen you can access the following:

  • Video Window located in the upper right corner of the TiVo Central screen and most other TiVo menu screens, unless you choose to turn it off or temporarily hide it. The Video Window continues playing the show you were watching when you entered the TiVo Central screen.
  • Discovery Bar is the bar of thumbnail images across the top of the TiVo Central screen and many other TiVo menu screens. What you’ll see in the Discovery Bar depends on you! Often, the Discovery Bar displays ideas for shows you might like based on what shows you record and mark as your favorites.
  • What to Watch Now sorts through all of your channels and video provider offerings to show you a list of what’s available right now. Choose from popular live TV shows, live sports events, movies, TiVo Suggestions, and more! Just select What to Watch Now to get started. You can also select What to Watch Now from your My Shows list.