What if I can't load a certain web page?

If you are unable to load specific webpages there may be a security setting or a firewall causing the issue either on your computer or router. Wave never blocks any webpages for any customers.

Here are some things you can check to narrow down where the issue is located:

  • Check a website that confirms if a page or server are currently active like http://www.isitdownrightnow.com/to make sure that the webpage you're trying to access is currently up. If it's down on this website, that means the webpage is having issues on their server and is not working for anyone.
  • Try other computers or devices that have an internet connection. If only one of your devices is having issues connecting to the webpage, then there is a security setting on your computer causing the problem. If you are not sure how to locate your security or firewall settings, you would need to speak to your security software manufacturer, or a generalized computer support specialist.
  • If all of your devices are not able to access the one webpage, the issue may be with your router or wireless network settings. You can confirm this by bypassing the router and plugging a computer directly into your modem. This can be done by locating the ethernet cord that connects the modem and router together, which looks like a thick telephone cable. Unplug one end of this cable from the router, and plug it into your computer instead. 
  • Once you've bypassed your router, reset your modem by unplugging it from power for about 10 seconds then plugging it back in. Wait about one minute to allow your modem to boot back up and the lights indicating power, receive, send, and online to become solid.
  • If this resolves your issue, and you do not know how to adjust the security and firewall settings on your router you will need to contact your router manufacturer for assistance. We do not put any security settings or firewalls on our rental routers, so if it is one of our rental products you can call our technical support department for help with your rental router.
  • If your issue is still not resolved, please call our 24/7 technical support line at 1-866-928-3123.