How can I optimize my Gig Speed connection?

First, make sure you’re speed testing correctly for an accurate reading.

Conduct your true speed test with a wired connection, i.e. your laptop or computer is plugged directly into your router or Ethernet wall jack with an Ethernet cable.

Use a Wave-hosted speed test to minimize the effect of other network factors.

Although we are delivering 1 gigabit speeds to your home, some overhead is used to make sure data is transmitted properly. 


Next, check your device limitations:

Not all devices support faster speeds of up to a gig.  Computers and laptops will need the right NIC cards and configuration.  Phones and tablets available today do not support gig speeds.


  • You need a Network Interface Card (NIC), also known as a Local Area Network (LAN) adapter, which supports speeds up to 1 gig. 
  • Once you’ve confirmed you have a NIC that supports 1 gig, check your configuration of that card.  There are resources online that can guide you.  Wave does not support your equipment or its configuration.


  • Speeds on these devices more commonly top out between 150 and 500 Mbps.  Also, they connect to your home network via wireless, so are subject to wireless bandwidth speeds and limitations. 
  • As an example, iphones support 100 (iphone 5s) to 450 Mbps (iphone 7) and android varies too (Galaxy S7 gets around 450 Mbps)