How is my password safe in your system if I use the same password for logging into my Online Account Manager and to open my Statement when it is emailed to me?

When you create an account in our Online Account Manager platform, your password gets saved in an encrypted format into two systems at the same time:

Core System
Your password is saved encrypted in our primary billing system which powers our Online Account Manager and is used to validate your credentials when you log in.

Secure eStatements
Your password is also save encrypted in our engine that is used to generate and send your statement via email. You are prompted to enter your Online Account Manager password to view the PDF statement.

At no time is your password stored without being fully encrypted, and there is no access for anyone to unencrypt and view your password.

If you have any concerns about receiving your Statement electronically, you can always select the option to simply receive an email notifying you when your Statement is available to view by logging into our Online Account Manager.